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Information on Worker’s Compensation and Defective Products

Protect Your Rights

Workers’ compensation is a statutory system for providing North Carolina workers who have been accidentally injured on the job with payment for their medical bills and compensation for their missed time from work. If a worker is permanently injured, and thus, disabled from working, the workers’ compensation law provides a certain amount of compensation, according to the workers’ compensation statutes. If the on the job accidental injury of the worker results in death, there are statutory amounts of compensation which are available to the heirs of the worker. Workers’ compensation law is not always easy to understand, and an injured worker can benefit from consulting with a knowledgeable attorney.

Defective Products

Call us and learn the answers to questions like these and more:

  • Who can be held responsible for defective products in North Carolina?
  • What do you have to show in order to prove that a product is defective?
  • Can the age of the product affect whether I can bring a defective product claim?
  • If I think I may have been injured by a defective product, what steps should I take to preserve potential evidence?
  • Should I contact the manufacturer of the product or the store before getting advice from an attorney?
  • Can I bring a defective product claim even though the injury happened at work?
  • Should I contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission to report the injury?

Auto & Motorcycle Wrecks

Following a motor vehicle or motorcycle wreck, there are certain things you can do to protect your rights.

When the liability of the other driver is clearly set forth on the police report, there is often no reason to give the insurance adjuster a recorded statement. Just after a traumatic event, your body may not experience pain right away for a variety of reasons. Yet, several days later, when your body relaxes, you can hurt all over. Insurance company adjusters are professionals, trained in taking statements and getting you to say what they want on tape. These statements can be used against you in the future. Remember, after your vehicle is repaired, you may still have a diminished value claim. Call (919) 785-9922, for answers. Also, call your insurance agent and see if you have enough “medpay,” especially if you do not have health insurance.